How To Get Taller - How Can I Get Taller In Height

How Can I Get Taller In Height?

The first and perhaps easiest method for improving your height is through stretching exercises. Swinging from a bar, for instance can increase your height. Simply, swing back and forth by your arms from a bar that is secured overhead. Another good stretching exercise is to lie face down on the floor and bend your knees so that your feet are behind you. Next, use your arms to reach up and back toward your feet. If you are able to actually grab your feet, hold this stretching position for a few moments and then relax. Both of these exercises have the added benefit of being both good for you and relaxing.

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If you are still asking yourself, 'How Can I get taller?' another good method is to take hormones. This method can only be used under the strict supervision of a medical doctor, and it will only work if your growth plates are still open. The technical term for growth plates is Epiphyseal Plates, and these plates are found in the human body at the end of our long bones. These growth plates allow the bones to grow in length, and when the human body is no longer growing the growth plates are replaced by epiphyseal lines. So in order for human growth hormones to make you grow taller, these growth plates must still be present in your body. The growth plates are only present in the bodies of children through adolescence. If you are young enough to take human growth hormones, be sure to fully discuss the process with your doctor as there are side effects to the treatment. If you do qualify to take the hormones, they can add up to five inches to your height permanently.

If you do not qualify to take human growth hormones, or if stretching exercises are not enough for you, there is another option for those desperately wondering, 'how can I get taller?' There is a surgery available that can add two or three inches to your height permanently. This surgery is often referred to as 'leg-lengthening surgery.' The initial step of the surgery involves the doctor breaking the long bones in the legs. Next, an extending device is screwed onto the leg bones. This lengthening device is called a fixator, and it consists of a rod between two rings. After the patient has recovered from the initial surgery, the doctor begins the bone-lengthening process by extending the rod in the fixator a little at a time. As the space grows between the broken part of the bone, new bone grows into the gap. This surgical process takes about a year to complete.

These three methods can be of great help to anyone who has ever asked, "How can I get taller in height?"

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