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How Can I Get Taller? Myths Verses Realities

Almost everyone who is under average height or their desired height has wondered how to get taller. If you have already entered puberty, you need to understand that your options are limited. Normally, your adult height will be within 3"-5" of the average between your parent's adult heights. If you have already entered puberty and are wondering,'How can I get taller?," there are a few things that may be worth trying.

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The first thing to do, if you are interested in exploring option on how to get taller, is to make an appointment with an endocrinologist and ask him or her,'How can I get taller?" An endocrinologist is a type of doctor that studies bodily hormones and chemicals. He or she will take a complete family health and height history and will perform some tests on you. Depending on the results of those tests, they will recommend some strategies on how to get taller. For example, you may be prescribed growth hormones or vitamins. Often, lack of height can be due to a deficiency, and the prescription you are given can correct that deficiency and result in a gain in height. Some endocrinologists are hesitant to prescribe medication for a condition that is not medically problematic, and in that case, you will be referred to a homeopathic physician or nutritionist. He or she may prescribe a diet high in proteins, which aid in growth, or naturally-occurring growth hormones.

You may be asking,'How can I get taller if there is nothing medically wrong with me?" Don't give up yet! There are still other things to try that. Many types of exercises can lengthen the spine or give the illusion of increased height. Among these are Pilates and yoga. Taking classes with a trained instructor is best. When you sign up, let he or she know that you are specifically interested in getting taller. After the age of 21, the average human spine compresses under gravity. Pilates and yoga lengthen the spine and often help the practitioner get taller. The renowned 'Pilates rack" is excellent for this purpose.

Surgery is often the last resort for those who wish to get taller. Popular in China and other Asian countries where the population is short, the surgery involves medically breaking the legs and inserting a screw-like clamp between the bones. Over a period of weeks and months, the screws are opened, causing the space made in the broken bones to become wider. The body will naturally sense the gap between the bones and fill it in with new bone material. This surgery should be considered a last resort, as it is expensive and not often covered by insurance and requires a commitment to being patient and inactive while the bone heals. It is, however, quite effective and results in the user gaining as much as 5 inches in permanent height.

The last suggestion on how to get taller is not a height-related one at all, but rather, an optical illusion. Devices such as high heeled shoes, lifts worn inside a shoe and monochromatic clothing all result in a believable impression of increased height.

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