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How Tall Will I Be: A 64-Dollar Question

Mesmerized by those You Tube posts of spectacular dunks from the foul line, many an overambitious kid are wont to ask how tall will I be when I grow up? You might as well turn to a crystal ball or toss joss sticks to a private oracle, for some quick, inspired answers. For the fact is, predicting height within inches of accuracy is not an exact science and is much like trying to predict when exactly the San Andreas fault shall again wreak havoc on the California skyline.

Charts and prediction calculators seeking to answer kiddie inquisitions of how tall will I be when I grow up are essentially based on guesswork and extrapolations. There are indeed scientific methods to predict height, which could tell future height within an inch or half-inch of accuracy. But these are time-consuming and laborious, requiring X-rays of the skeletal system of the how-tall-will-I-be subjects. And that’s not to mention the proviso that the subjects do not have and will not have health issues that would affect an individual’s growth.

To be able to answer with some degree accuracy a child’s question on how tall will I be as an adult, one also needs to know the kid’s family history. Genetics along with gender account for 70 percent of the influencing elements in height development. The rest of the 30 percent are variables brought about by environmental factors such as health, diet, exercise, nutrition, and medical issues. Hence, the programs we often encounter on how to grow taller primarily address these variable factors.

Among these variables that could contribute to height development, it is in general health where effective intervention could be done and positively address a child’s nagging concern on how tall will I be. Proper diet, nutrition, sleep and exercise, stimulate the growth hormones in the body to achieve the full height potential of an individual child.

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These growth hormones (learn more about hgh or Human Growth Hormones) promote the development of muscles, bones and the individual cells of a person’s body as well as all the body organs which must all work in unison to completely satisfy the sixty-four-dollar question how tall will I be. The pituitary gland, situated at the center of the brain, is the home base of growth hormones, controlling release of these proteins throughout the person’s body.

Synthetic growth hormones are now available to help those deficient in these proteins and those persons whose pituitary glands are malfunctioning. With medical intervention, a more or less precise answer could be had for a how-tall-will-I-be inquiry. With growth hormone therapy, as much as 5 inches could be added to a person’s height. However, this is an expensive medical procedure and there could be serious side-effects to it. So it is best to have this therapeutic way of growing taller be undertaken by a qualified medical practitioner.

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