How To Get Taller - How To Get Taller Exercises

How To Get Taller

Establishing Your Own "How To Get Taller Exercise" Regimen

There are several how to get taller exercises being touted over the World Wide Web. Some of them actually sound too painful to be of any use, because no one in their right mind would want to continue doing these on a regular basis. Other how to get taller exercise regimen are relegated only to simple stretching exercises, which can yield as much growth spurt as doing finger stretching exercises. So the question is: how can you exercise your way to a taller stature? According to chiropractors, the best how to get taller exercises are the ones that are proven safe, free from pain and enjoyable enough to perform on a daily basis. Here are some tips on how you can establish your own how to get taller exercise regimen.

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1. Always start with simple warm up exercises. All successful exercise programs (the ones that yield results) always start off with ample warm ups and end up with cooling down exercises. Warmed up muscles and bones respond better to any natural alterations you will do with your how to get taller exercises. Brisk walking, jogging in place and simple stretches for about 30 to 45 minutes prior and after the actual bone stretching exercises should do fine.

2. The best "how to get taller exercises" are the ones that strengthen the lower back or lumbar area. This is the area that sustains the most weight of the upper body. It is therefore essential to strengthen this part as you stretch your way to a couple more inches in height. Crunches targeting the lower abdominals and leg routines while lying flat on your back can help strengthen the lumbar area. Lunges work the back thigh muscles, but also provide additional spine strengthening support.

However, the best way to really strengthen the lumbar area is to perform semi-crunches while performing Kegel exercises at the same time. Semi-crunches is when you pull in your tummy muscles inward while pulling in your shoulders and keeping your knees steady. This is the same as when you do crunches on the floor, with one exception. Semi-crunches are done in a kneeling position with knees even spaced apart, and the buttocks are resting on the heels of the feet. As for Kegel exercises, these are dedicated to pulling in the muscles of the pelvic floor. When these two exercises are combined, the lower back muscles are stretched and contracted, giving them additional strength to sustain a taller spine.

3. Some physical trainers recommend speed cycling and swimming as a way to both lengthen the spine and build up the necessary muscles to sustain the bone growth. However, these exercises are best suited for people who are very fit or at least those in the intermediary stage of their physical fitness. For novices and people who may not have a regular workout program, this may be a bit too much. It would be better to start off slowly with yoga like or Pilates like exercises that build up bone and muscle flexibility. After that, you can start with more high intensity workouts like cycling and swimming.

How to Get Taller

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