How To Get Taller - How To Get Taller Free

How To Get Taller Free

The Cost of being Tall: It’s Free!

If surgery and food supplements can mess up your budget but you still want to look tall, here are a few tips on how to get taller for free that can help you stand out (literally) in the crowd.

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How to get taller free tip 1:

Eat foods that stimulate growth. Milk, which is a high source of calcium, definitely tops the list of growth stimulator foods. Skim milk, though, are more preferred than full ones because it’s healthier. Protein-rich foods are also good for growth like meat and egg for they help the develop muscles and regenerate cells. Another food, which is being overlooked by many are legumes like beans. They are proven to help stimulate growth.

How to get taller free tip 2:

Exercise regularly and do a lot of stretching. It is known that exercise help stimulate growth hormones which are essential in adding up that few inches to your height.

How to get taller free tip 3:

Get enough sleep. Studies show that growth hormones are released by the pituitary gland two hours after you sleep. In order for this to occur properly, have a regular dose of eye shut.

How to get taller free tip 4:

Cut you hair. A short hair will make your neck look longer while a long one will shorten it. So, go to your stylist and get a new bob.

How to get taller free tip 5:

Wear the right outfit. To appear taller, wear vertical stripes or small patterns. Horizontal stripes produce the illusion of a widened body, hence, making you look fatter rather than tall and slim. Large print will also make your body look stouter. Also, wear dark-colored clothes and pieces of the same hue.

Many people don't believe in spending money or time and energy in order to get taller. For them the answer to the question how to get taller free is plain and simple -the easiest and most economical way to appear taller is to simply stand tall and project as if you are tall. It can also add up to your confidence.

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