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How To Get Taller

How To Get Taller Book Review - Grow Taller 4 Idiots

How To Get Taller Book - Grow Taller 4 IdiotsThe book Grow Taller 4 Idiots is written by Dr. Darwin Smith and was inspired by his wife. It is not a heart-touching novel though its main thesis sprung up because of his wife’s ranting about her height.

Smith’s wife, like many of us are, in one way or another, desperate to become taller. We’ve heard this a thousand times- stories of people being dumped or bullied just because they are short. And for Dr. Darwin, this is his way to remove this kind of discrimination.

He became driven to create a way to bring contentment to a lot of people. Dr. Darwin, then, formulated a whole program that would, as he claims, effectively increase a person’s height by two to three inches in just half a year. He did an extensive research that would suffice for the development of a program which includes diet, exercise and supplements for a person to grow taller.

I really could not attest to the effectiveness of the program for I haven’t tried any of his procedures, but on the other hand, there are people who testified and claimed that the product worked for them. Some grew a couple of inch, but other claimed they grew more. I guess it depends on how the person strictly follows the program and how fast his body adopts to it.

The book contains a lot of information that is actually helpful to people who really wants to grow taller. For one, it has backgrounders on why a person is short. It does not only explain height in a simple genes and hormones formula, but it really digs down to the nitty-gritty details of the spine, which according to Smith comprises 35% of a total person’s height. There is also a lot of information about proper exercises that could really increase ones height. A person need not suffer from painful stretches that has no concrete effect at all.

This book also teaches it readers to be more pro-active when it comes to controlling their height. It claims that one can manipulate his growth hormones and by doing so, he has a greater chance of gaining more inches. And this one is a good thing for the readers because it tells them that one has to exert effort to get good results. Unlike with pills or supplements wherein you just wait for the results, with this program, it is actually you who directly affects your growth in the end.

Moreover, what’s really interesting with the program is how it debunks, or rather, corrects the myths about growing taller. It clarifies whether most known urban legends like hypnosis, supplements, and stretches actually do something to our height or those are just plain hoax. This part is really helpful and it can really save people’s efforts and money on trying procedures or drug offered in the market.

In addition, with regular exercise the spinal discs together with the cartilage that renders support to the legs, spine and arms will then thicken. This will then lead to a taller and balanced body.

What is also noticeable is that the people who say the program is effective are those within the age range of mid 20s to mid 30. The theory that a person stops growing after teenage years is now being rebutted. And it sends out a message of hope to other people that there is still a chance for them to grow, however old they are.

This book is quite a breakthrough in the market because it will defy most beliefs when it comes to growing taller. It might even wipe out the growth pills industry, which, by the way, many people are skeptic about.

And not only is the program beneficial for those who wants to be taller, it is also for those who wants to correct their posture. As we all know, poor posture can slash down a couple of inches or more to ones height. And it can also create breathing problems to some. But with this program, spine problems can be corrected through the right exercises for the back. Not only that, the program will teach you how to make a growth enriching meal that can also help in curing posture problems.

Surgeries can really cost a person a fortune, but through this book one can really save thousands of dollars but still get the same, if not better results. This is also the advantage of the program. As long as you have the discipline to incorporate it to your lifestyle, you don’t have to shell out that big of a cash. Obviously, not anyone can afford the surgery and this program is the answer to your problem. It’s cheap but you’ll get lasting satisfaction.

This book is a holistic approach to solving height dilemmas. It will make a person have a new perspective at growing tall. It is not a simple process. It’s not just about popping pills in your mouth or hanging in a bar doing stretches. Growing tall is a harmonized scheme of food intake, proper sleep, exercise and right knowledge.

Many people suffer from doing the wrong practices. This program can save you. It will give you the best results that you can truly see.

Here’s a good solution to your problem. No need to wear platforms or elevator shoes, or even painful stilettos. Say goodbye to back aches.

You can now apply for that Flight Attendant or Modeling job you’ve been eyeing. Your height needs attention and you also deserve to be given the attention.

This book is highly recommended. Grow Taller 4 Idiots is an easy-to-follow guide – no doctorate required to understand it fully.

Now is the time to change your height and change your life. - How To Get Taller