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3 Tips on How To Jump Higher

Improving your vertical jumping ability depends on power. Generating enough power to propel yourself into the air requires strength and speed. Learning how to jump higher needs the traditional weight lifting exercises as well as good nutrition and train fast, whole body movements and plyometrics. These 3 tips will have you jumping higher in no time.

Learning how to jump higher requires traditional weight lifting exercises. These will help bulk up the muscles that will give you the power you need to jump. In order to bulk up the muscles you need good nutrition but good nutrition alone will not make you jump higher. It would be like training to learn how to grow taller. Keep your body fat percentage and any excess muscle mass on the light side.

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Not many body builders know how to jump higher. That’s because they bulk up the muscles without training their bodies to move fast with movement. Training fast requires using as much weight as possible and minimizing the loss of speed. For example, a baseball player uses a weight on the end of their bat to create a resistance at a high rate of speed. This means when they’re up to bat they can swing faster as their muscles have been conditions with a heavier bat. So when you squat, make it a fast squat!

When training, use the whole body movement as much as possible. Training in sport specific exercises will build up your muscles to get as much vertical movement as possible. An example is trying to dunk the ball or block a shot. To build the muscles up fast use your whole body in vertical movement. The more you use the whole body the quicker your muscles will respond.

Jump higher training that incorporates rapid and repeat jumping is called plyometrics. A single leg hop will train your body to act like a spring. Squatting and jumping repeatedly will build the muscles up fast to act like a spring board. Your body has a natural desire to move quickly and fly into movement. Take advantage of that when training to jump vertically. The more you use plyometrics the faster your body will respond.

Know what muscles you need to focus on for your given sport. Your glutes, hamstrings, core, and hips are the main muscles but don’t forget your claves, shoulders and lats also play a role in jumping vertical.

The best way to jump higher is to train in the sport of your choice. Research and testing will work better than guessing. Use the advantages of the professionals to get the results you want in the fastest time possible.

When designing your program consider incorporating these three ways of building up your muscles for jumping vertically. If your how to jump higher program doesn’t include these principles then it’s not worth doing. It’s kind of like training on how to get taller. Only you can judge if these exercises will work for you.

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