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HGH or Human Growth Hormones

Desperate situations call for desperate measures. And this adage works for persons of short stature desperately seeking for ways on how to get taller. Some may even opt for the truly invasive procedure of lengthening the limbs through surgical operations. Others may opt for therapy of hgh or human growth hormones which much less-invasive but could also produce dramatic results.

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For those keen on having some cocktails of these hgh or human growth hormones, considering whether this is the right choice on how to get taller should rest on a solid understanding on what this substance is and how is it produced.

It is the brain’s pituitary gland which produces hgh or human growth hormones, protein substances comprised of 191 building blocks of amino acids. These hormones are secreted by the pituitary gland in the entire lifetime of a person, and stimulate production of the growth factors, other hormones and chemicals in a person’s body. The hgh or human growth hormones and the growth factors are carried through the blood stream to promote growth and development within the entire body of a person.

Brain tissues of cadavers were once the source of hgh or human growth hormones doctors use to treat patients with deficiency of the substance. But thanks to biomedical research, synthetic growth hormones are now available, and those anxiously inclined on how to get taller need not worry that a therapy of such medication would be a Frankenstein-like procedure.

But still, adding on height through hgh or human growth hormone is an expensive exercise. And while it is true that the application is quick with height gain reaching up to 5 inches and permanent results are achieved, the medication is administered via injections and has many side-effects. Furthermore, the treatment will only work if a person’s growth plates are still open.

Fortunately, there are alternatives to egg the body to produce its own growth hormones. Even sleeping off worries on how to get taller could help in more ways than one. It is because studies shows that hgh or human growth hormones are secreted during sleep, particularly during its stages 3 and 4 or the first hour or two after a person reaches deep sleep.

Certain forms of exercises also induce production of hgh or human growth hormones. These exercises include those with levels of intensity bringing about fat loss and metabolic efficiency, such as weight training and sprint-running at short intervals.

The multiple sets of repetition exercises with weights causes the muscles to contract and relax, stimulating the body to produce hgh or human growth hormones for tissue renewal and body repair.

Such forms of resistant-training exercises must be done consistently at about four to five times a week, and in combination with aerobic workouts like running and brisk walking. What these types of exercise do is elevate the metabolic rate and hold this level for some 48 hours after the workout. Fat-burning thus continue even while the person is already at rest or has slept; perhaps now worry-free on how to grow taller.

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