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Increasing Height

In today’s world there are a lot of developments and one of them has to do with improving the physical look or appearance of a person or increasing height. The usual issue among individuals is their height or how to get taller. This especially affects teenagers today where in they want to increase height like their celebrity idols. Most especially women today, back in the days height is not a big issue to the women because it is just normal for women to be small. There was a case where in a teenager underwent limb lengthening so that she can qualify as a stewardess.

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People will take drastic measures just to increase height and become either a model or for personal satisfaction. There are indeed natural ways on how to increase height, which is to follow a good diet and engage in regular exercise. Though, the results of these methods can take awhile so they turn to the faster, more expensive and even painful approaches which are limb lengthening and growth hormones.

1. Increasing height through limb lengthening. This is a surgical procedure where in either need an external or internal rods that will be positioned inside of the limbs that is then adjusted from time to time. This kind of surgery has been said to be performed for cosmetic purposes outside United States.

Increasing height by limb lengthening is very effective but one must bear the pain if the procedure. The adjustment of the limbs will be done several times and the healing will take several months. With every adjustment made with the rods, it will total to an inch every month. The obvious downside of this procedure is that it is very expensive; the patient needs to stay in the hospital and must be in constant pain medication.

2. Increasing height through human growth hormone stimulators. These stimulators are a combination of amino acid. The main purpose of these amino acids is to physically force the pituitary gland into producing human growth hormone. This method is said to be effective and safer as compared to synthetic growth hormone. It is safe because the process is done in a natural way.

Usually, the human growth hormone stimulators take in the form of liquid. The results can take long but it also has positive side effects. The positive side-effects are fat deposits are decreased and metabolism is increased.

3. Increasing height through man-made human growth hormone. This method is done through injections. Each injection can range from $12,000 to $18,000 every year. Though, this is not given instantly to anyone who wants it. They must first pass the evaluation conducted by experts. The evaluation will determine the growth pattern of a person.

Though, this kind of method to increase height can cause several side-effects such as carpal tunnel syndrome, elevated stiffness of tissues, cholesterol level increases, liver malfunction, back pain and a lot more.

Since there are a lot of unnatural ways to grow taller today is sure that the one you are taking in is safe and compatible for your body. You should undergo first proper evaluation before taking in any medications or injections. This is to make sure that it will not cause harm to your body.

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